Jun. 9th, 2009

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I took the metro bus for some errands I had to run yesterday. The trip out was pretty crowded. There was one young man who appeared to have a mild form of MR or Down's Syndrome. He was listening to his IPod, and having a lot of fun singing(softly) along to Pat Benatar and playing 'air guitar'.
I found myself drawn into 'dancing' in my seat, and did a (probably not
spectacular but who cares) version of "invisible keyboard."
Seeing him smile at me was worth looking a little silly.
There are times to be serious, and times not so much.
You can't spend all your time worrying about how things MIGHT be taken.

Bus gurus are my name for something that's a tad annoying: when people want to expound on some topic, personal or political, and pick the rest of the riders as their captive audience. These are monologues, usually, not
actual conversations. They want people who'll just nod their heads and agree with whatever grievance they think they have with Life, The Government, or Everything.
Or when somebody(usually a man) tries to use the bus to pick up women.
Yes, I've actually seen this a few times. It's either creepy, or so pathetically done you have to try not to laugh.
Personally, I don't want your life story at one gulp. Telling me that you just got out of prison after twelve years, and you sooo want to make new friends, and you're unemployed and don't know anyone in town?
Dude, I'm no one's sugar momma. Go away. No, I will not tell you my name or give you my phone number.

The trip to the beach this weekend was good. No frisky caterpillars.
I got very wet, and sandy, and happy. For me that's the general idea of
a beach. Someplace where I can go to just chill out and enjoy *being*.
Yes, sometimes I can do that inside my own head, but not as often as
some people seem to think...and real sand feels better.
It's another place where letting it out is more fun than being dignified.
Make a run to the surf, go 'YAAATTTA!!" and divebomb in.


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